Do you understand dried bananas?

Issuing time:2021-08-25 14:33

Dried bananas are dried bananas that are peeled and cut into slices, which are easy to store and eat.Dried bananas are what we often call banana chips. They are a very popular snack.Dried bananas are mainly made of Nalongjiao, the main banana variety cultivated in Guangxi.In order for people in the north to eat the fruits in the south, in addition to implementing a set of scientific storage and transportation measures, the mature bananas that can no longer be stored or transported can be processed in or near the place of production.This can not only reduce economic losses due to decay, but also adjust the market and increase revenue.Take Longjiao, the main banana variety cultivated in Guangxi, as the raw material, and adopt the hot-air drying process.Sweet and crispy dried bananas, the flesh is very slender, it melts when chewing, suitable for all ages

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